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Salute the Mighty Turbaned ANZACS According to the National War Memorial in Australia's capital, Canberra, seven Sikhs were part of the Australian armed forces during the First World War Their names

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An Irreparable Loss Karpal Singh was killed when the car he was travelling in collided with a lorry near Gua Tempurung early Thursday morning. The impact killed the prominent

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Renew your 2014 VSA Membership online today: American Sikh Pie USA: The Smithsonian Institute has characterised the ‘Sikh identity’ in the picture above. Pappowww! Giani’s opponents guilty? PATNA, Bihar, India (March 19) The

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Renew your 2014 VSA Membership online today: Move to Johor Baru? Paris? London? Sydney? Tokyo? They seem likely choices, but according to The Economic Intelligence Unit (EIU), Singapore has been named

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Renew your VSA 2014 Membership online today at Thing on his head February 25, 2014: It was his first ever basketball game in high school, and like any other freshman, Darsh

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Women’s Hockey – We are looking for interested women (over 18) to join our Women’s hockey team. Training starts at the VSA grounds soon. Stay

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