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Dear VSA family and friends, It's time! Our night of nights, VSA's 27th Annual Dinner and Dance - Bombay Velvet is here. I won't keep you, I'm sure you have some last

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VSA Apna Chakkar- 15-18 (0)

Dear VSA family and friends, It's Friday! With a week to go til our night of nights it's time to get your suits and sarees ready, polish your shoes, and practice those

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VSA Apna Chakkar- 15-16 (0)

Dear family and friends, With your weekly dose of Apna Chakkar, our Nite of Nites , yes, the 27th VSA Annual Dinner and Dance- BOMBAY VELVET is on the 29th August 2015. Yes it's bling-bling time again! Last years

VSA Apna Chakkar- 15-15 (0)

Dear VSA family and friends, In times that we are surrounded by sadness and indifference, our faith in humanity is restored by some amazing people around the world. In Montreal, a

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Women’s Hockey – We are looking for interested women (over 18) to join our Women’s hockey team. Training starts at the VSA grounds soon. Stay

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