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VSA Apna Chakkar- 15-2 (0)

Soul Curry A doctor is often considered hardhearted, but little do people know that the entire hospital mourns a patient's death. Our hearts sink when someone is diagnosed with a life-threatening disease. One

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VSA Apna Chakkar 15-1 (0)

Great kahaniyan, new look, touch and feel. Apna Chakar today launches VSA 15 with reinvigorated and enriched social, cultural and sporting events and exclusive Member benefits. The Chakar will show bolder

Liberal promises in a hockey club tangle (0)

November 21, 2014 – 10:45PM By Michelle See-Tho                           Liberal politicians representing the people of Burwood seem to have got themselves into a tangle with their election promises concerning the Waverley Hockey Club. Liberal

VSA Apna Chakkar- 37 (0)

Dear VSA Members, Family and Friends, As the world seems to be increasingly moving faster and faster I long for my home to be a slow place where there's laughter, love,

VSA Apna Chakkar- 36 (0)

Dear VSA Members, Family and Friends, We hope you all enjoyed your extra long weekend, and short working week...ready for the weekend again. General News VSA News Hub VSA Pavilion: Hon ki? Melbourne: After ironing

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Women’s Hockey – We are looking for interested women (over 18) to join our Women’s hockey team. Training starts at the VSA grounds soon. Stay

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